Integrated Production System

From product planning and R&D through to prototyping, manufacture, improvement and mass-production … all this integrated system is simply for customer satisfaction.

Integrated production system allows us to meet any customer’s specific needs.

Since its inauguration, Koyama has evolved as a proposal-based manufacturer by honing its technological strength through meeting specific needs of the customer. It has been our long-standing policy: “Never say ‘We cannot’ before thoroughly examining ways and means for finding a solution.” Many years of living up to this policy have resulted in the establishment of an integrated production system ranging from planning and R&D through to prototyping, manufacture, improvement and mass-production, thereby attentively meeting diverse needs of the customer.

We seek to achieve our goals 100% hand-in-hand with customers.

Koyama’s integrated production system allows us to flexibly respond to customers’ diverse requests in their desired ways. While sharing the goals with the customer, we proceed to planning, R&D, design, manufacture and test from the very initial point of our proposing the products or manufacturing processes. Of course, the customer can rest assured as to the leakage of prevention of technology or information.

We structure production lines in-house so that we can respond to requests for either small-lot or mass-production.

In order to enhance product precision to the highest level possible, we structure a product-specific production line of our own, which enables us to develop highly efficient operations. We are confident of delivering high-quality products in a short delivery time whether it is small-lot or mass-production, not to mention prototyping.

We are always on the alert for new technologies and new needs. This is why we can keep evolving while meeting new challenges.

ever lighter, thinner, and stronger, we also remain on the alert for new technologies and new customer needs. To continue to pursueever-higher performance that the customer seeks, we are positive about developing collaboration with universities, research institutes and the customer’s own R&D divisions.