Environmental Response

Not only are we intent on global environmental conservation through saving energy and controlling CO2 emissions, but we also take proper care of the local environment around and within our factories.

Consideration for the local environment

We consider and take effective countermeasures against all potential sources of environmental hazards that can affect the local environment around our factories, which include noise, vibration, industrial waste, wastewater, offensive odor and exhaust heat. As a respectable corporate citizen, we are also making positive contributions to community activities in various ways.

Initiatives to make our factories safe and clean

A safe and clean manufacturing environment is a requisite for making high-quality products. At Koyama, all employees come together as one in the ongoing pursuit of a safe and clean factory environment by making improvements to our long-standing manufacturing sites, not to mention new factories. “Eco-friendliness” is also our basic policy when it comes to the adoption of melting furnaces and other new manufacturing facilities and equipment. All these initiatives are directed toward a better environment, producing favorable results in terms of saving energy, controlling CO2 emissions, and recycling of raw materials and waste heat, among others.

Environmental Policy
  1. We will promote efforts for ongoing environmental improvement and prevention of pollution by harmonizing our business activities with the enhancement of the local environment that concerns the manufacture of products in our factories as well as related services.
  2. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as agreements that our factories made with any other parties.
  3. By understanding the potential impact that our factories place on the environment, carrying out self-management and proactively setting relevant criteria, we will lay down environmental improvement objectives thereby promoting factory-wide environmental conservation activities on an ongoing basis. These environmental objectives are subject to periodical review and may be revised as needed.

    Major initiatives
    (1) We will strive to conserve natural resources through energy- and materials-saving activities.
    (2) We will strive to reduce industrial waste and promote its recycling.
    (3) We will strive to build a recycling-based society.
  4. We will strive to promote the understanding and spread of this Environmental Policy among all those who work with and work for our company by providing them with environmental education to ensure that they put into practice and live up to this Environmental Policy.
  5. We will disclose this Environmental Policy upon request from outside parties.