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Company Profile

Company Profile

Business Inaugurated October 1945
Incorporated October 1946
Capital 98 million yen
Representative Takahiro Koyama, President & CEO
No. of Employees 600

Head Office / Kawanakajima Factory
1111, Hara, Kawanakajima-machi, Nagano City, Nagano 381-2224
Phone: +81-(0)26-292-2700

Suzaka Factory
3500-1, Aza Mushiokuri, Oaza Hitaki, Suzaka City, Nagano 382-0011
Phone: +81-(0)26-215-2800

Company Motto "信 和 技"(Trust, Harmony and Technology)

Trust: We aim to become a company that is always trusted by others.
Harmony: We are intent on creating workplace environments filled with a harmonious and positive atmosphere.
Technology: We make untiring efforts to further technological development.

An independent manufacturer dedicated to casting

Not belonging to any industrial groups, Koyama is an independent manufacturer dedicated to casting. Koyama stands ready to meet even sophisticated customer needs with its outstanding technological strength, excellent proposal-advancing capabilities and flexible creativity.

History Timeline

2018 Acquired ISO 14001:2015 certification.
2017 Acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification.
2015 Self-hardening casting plant was newly completed.
2014 Koyama Casting, Thailand (KCT) was established.
2013 KOYAMA INTERNATIONAL (Hong Kong) was established.
A new factory was built for KBT.
Suzaka Factory was newly built.
2010 Koyama Barinder, Thailand (KBT) was established.
2008 Large-scale casting line (ACN) was expanded.
2000 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
1998 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
1989 Received the Labor Minister’s Award in recognition of contributions to the national vocational skills certification system.
1986 Koyama was designated as a factory (in the formed & fabricated materials industries) with an excellent environment; Received MITI’s Machinery & Information Industries Bureau Director’s Award.
1983 Received the Tokyo Trade & Industry Bureau Director’s Award in recognition of advancement in energy utilization technology.
1977 Automatic deburring machine (Barinder) received the Automation Machine Development Award from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry.
1973 Renamed Koyama Co. Ltd.
1972 Prototype of a labor-saving machine (Barinder) was completed.
1964 Kawanakajima Factory (Casting Division) was completed and went into operation.
1960 Reorganized into Koyama Casting Co. Ltd.
1946 Koyama Casting Inc. was established.
1945 Business was inaugurated.
ISO14001 ISO9001