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Head Office / Kawanakajima Factory

1111, Hara, Kawanakajima-machi, Nagano City, Nagano 381-2224
Phone: +81-(0)26-292-2700

Suzaka Factory

3500-1, Mushiokuri, Hitaki, Suzaka City, Nagano 382-0011
Phone: +81-(0)26-215-2800

Koyama Barinder, Thailand (KBT)
Koyama Casting, Thailand (KCT)

Both KBT and KCT are located in the northeastern part of Thailand, approx. 260km (3.5 hours’ drive) from Bangkok. They operate within the Suranaree Industrial Complex, approx. 7km from the urban center of Nakhon Ratchasima, the second largest city in Thailand.

KBT can produce high-quality products at low costs by importing basic units from Japan while procuring peripheral equipment domestically available in Thailand. Operating in Thailand means a strategic advantage as it enjoys easy access to neighboring markets in the fast-developing ASEAN region.

KCT gives full play to Koyama’s highly reliable casting technology with a proven track record. In addition, the same advanced production management system as that of Japan is employed here, together enabling KCT to manufacture high-quality, highly sophisticated products.