Thoroughgoing Quality Control

Single-minded pursuit of the “ABC of Quality” leads to our highly reliable products.

Process-by-process quality inspection system and the strictest quality guarantee.

“We never allow defective products, not even a single item.” This steadfast commitment is the cornerstone of Koyama’s technologies and reliability, the basics being A = Atarimae-no-koto (matters of course), B = Bonyarisezuni (carefully) and C = Chanto-yaru (do them the right way). We at Koyama abide by these simple yet vital rules sincerely and steadfastly. A defective product, even if it is only one millionth in probability, can seriously affect the customer. All of Koyama employees share this awareness, which underlies our multiple quality-control programs such as the establishment of processes designed to prevent mistakes and irregularities in products, thorough self-process quality guarantee, piece-by-piece product verification, and pre-shipment verification by the Quality Assurance Division.